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“Time's Prisoner” Project

Time's Prisoner is a graphical adventure game project I'm working on, about a scientist thrown three billion years into the past in a time-traveling accident.

Note: I've started a MASSIVE refactor of the framework, implementing a more modular approach and a better build process. Click here to see the WIP.

Also see related experiments: 2.D terrain, Dynamic sprite lighting, State-free particle effects

New WIP sprite framework

  • real-time lighting and shading
  • touch and keyboard controls
  • smooth, non-tile-based movement in 8 directions
  • subtle natural physics including inertia, collision, and wall "sliding"
  • parallax scrolling
  • atmospheric hand-drawn graphics (by me)
  • Does not run on IE or older mobile browsers.

    See the source on github

Original level prototype

  • tense, play-tested level design
  • awesome CC-licensed soundtrack courtesy of Kevin MacLeod
  • Keyboard controls require a desktop browser

    See the source on github